Field Concrete Industrial Floor Applications

Field Concrete Industrial Floor Applications

Karaaslanoğulları İnşaat with its experience of more than 25 years in the selection and application of the floor covering you need, provides service with the highest quality considering the different needs of its customers.

  • Professional technical crew
  • Proper and high-quality products
  • Delicate measuring instruments
  • High-technology machines and devices
  • Experienced staff of application

Industrial plating systems

  • Grounds with floor hardener
  • Epoxy plating
  • Polyurethane plating
  • Acrylic & mma plating
  • Self levelling screed


In field applications that need to be considered as a whole with these main basic issues, a high-quality manufacturing and delicate control processes should be aimed.


The areas of application

The common application areas for concrete grounds.

Factories, airports, truck pools, studios, bus stations, logistic stores, harbors, fuel stations, sidewalks, parking spots, storehouse, roads, cold storages, distribution centers, squares, hangars, malls, customs areas, stockyards, hospitals, defense industry, food factories, pharmaceutical industry, power plants, natural gas plants, thermal plants, residences, hotels, business centers.